Data Manager ?!


The Data Manager name of the feature to manage process arguments and variables is really unintuitive. It took me a couple of rounds to figure out that Data Manager actually manages the project arguments and variables!

In my humble opinion, it isn’t the right name to begin with for the following reasons:

  1. We are building a project that is a representation of a process to be run in the near future to manipulate data/information flowing through it
  2. Consequently, we aren’t persisting any data
  3. In other words, we are persisting the definition of the process that is inclusive of the definitions of the arguments and variables

Therefore, I think this feature may have to be renamed to something more elegant. To suggest a few on a value engineering basis:

  • Arguments & Variables
  • Variables & Arguments
  • Attributes Manager
  • Manage Arguments & Variables
  • Manage … ( the ellipses makes this feature a wild card - in which case, it could be enhanced to not just manage arguments/variables but other things added to this tab in the future. Say, connections ?)

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Thanks for your feedback. This makes sense. However, we are planning to bring other types of resources here. Think Assets, Queues, Files, Entities and many more. With this context, what do you think?

I guess Project Resources would be good?

I’m saying Project because this feature becomes visible when I open a Studio Web project and therefore it gives the Manager a contextual sense.

Alternately Resource Manager may also be a choice to consider.

Thanks @mircea