UiPath Studio 2022.10 Updates-2

The next update that has been added into the UiPath Studio 2022.10 release is the Data Manager Panel.

The Data Manager Panel improves the user experience of managing the available resources at one place. It helps the user to view, add,edit and remove variables, arguments, constants, connections and files.

Data Manager can be found in the Data Manager Tab on the right hand side of the Design view.

Features of Data Manager Panel:-

  1. Show only the Data Manager panel and hide the old variable , arguments and Import panel , then we need to follow these steps :-

Click on Home → Settings → Design

and enable the option “Show Data Manager Panel Only”.

2. User can add variables, arguments , constants , connections and files.

3. User can Group variables by Scope.

4. User can sync the variables with active scope by enabling the option “Sync with Active scope”. It enables the user to display the variables in the selected scope in the Designer Panel.

5. User can sort the variable and argument by Name, type or scope by right clicking over it.

I hope you enjoyed the article!

Happy Automation :slight_smile: