Different between variables and arguments (mentioned down in studio)

different between variables and arguments (mentioned down in studio)

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Arguments are used to pass data from a workflow to another. In a global sense, they resemble variables, as they store data dynamically and pass it on. Variables pass it to other activities, while arguments pass it to other workflows. As a result, they enable you to reuse workflows time and again.

  1. Arguments take double space as there are two copies - one on calling workflow and one on called workflow.

  2. Arguments are case sensitive whereas variables are not.

  3. Arguments have global scope in a workflow whereas variables can have scope as per a particular sequence.


One correction - Arguments and variables are both not case sensitive. You can test it.


Are you sure they’re not? Because I’ve forgotten a capital letter on occasion and if it didn’t autocorrect for me, it gives a validation error because the var does not exist.

This case insensitivity i have seen in both 2017.1 and 2018.1 versions …