Auto-retraining loop: data integration into Document Manager in Document Understandanding

I am working on auto-retraining loop for document understanding data.

  • I prepared ML extractor trainer and have fine-tuning folder in dataset in AI center
  • I scheduled automatic export from Document Manager

I saw that documents from fine-tuning folder were added to document manager as a seperate batch and the batch have similar name to the auto-exported folder. My question is how often data are imported from AI center to Document Manager? Is it triggered by the auto-export from Document Manager or every view days?


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That depends on the frequency you set for pipelines and imports


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Hi @Karolina_Debowska , this depends upon your scheduled export. During scheduled export, data from the fine tuning folder is added to the data manager session, so whenever a scheduled export happens, the data gets appended to the dataset/data manager.

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