Data keeps getting missing

im in the middle of building my workflow and it worked fine the past few days until just a few hours ago when i realised my filepaths in excel application scope were empty. So i tried to reinput the data to which when i went out of the sequence and got back to it, it gets empty again. The same happened for my “type into” activities. even those parts i hardcoded went empty again.

edit update: nevermind lol i got it. just had to reinstall uipath. be sure to have your workflow saved outside properly first tho

I’ve noticed that when working on workflows built by someone else (e.g. a xaml file downloaded from this forum in one of the posts)
I assumed it was due to a version difference between uses.
Have you updated UiPath or Activities packages since it was working a few days ago?

I didnt update but just in case it was auto updated, ive tried using previous versions of excel activities package but still with the same results.

also i just realised that it isnt missing, but more of its not able to be visible. Normally if there wasnt a file path inside, an error would pop out but in my case, it shows that its empty but it shows no error and still gets passed through (although some data files are getting jumbled up which is super weird).