Workflow disappear! Have you ever have this?


I finished my today’s code, saved it, ran it, all good. Ok, closed, and go grab a coffee.
After I come back, opened my workflow, funny! the changes I just added are disappeared totally!!!

One whole sequence in my flowchart disappeared!
My another colleague had this situation before, I believed that’s because she didn’t save it, but now, I have to say I have the habitat to save every time even every single step, but it disappeared???

Any one ever have this situation before???


I believe generally it won’t happen this kind of issue. Which version of UIPath are you using ?



Ok. If you are using Enterprise Edition with License then raise support ticket with UIPath. May be they will help you better.

Ok thanks!

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Did you publish these changes?

If so, go to your packages folder, change the extension to the newest publish to .zip and extract the files. You’ll be able to load up the .xaml in uipath :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks I didnt publish them, but luckily I found my file because our company service desk has backup of documents.