Data extraction only first 25 rows dos not ectract all the rows in web table

Hi Guys,
I have a problem with the extraction of data, the robot extracts only the first 25 rows and the table changes every day to 20 rows and another day to 100 rows, Does anyone face this problem and have a solution?


The issue might be with webpage

have wait for load to complete …also check if the table data is loading dynamically then you might need to scroll first till end and then extract

Not: this will work only if the table loads all data, for few websites the table loads dynamic and the old loaded rows will be over written with new as you scroll…if that is the case then you might need to follow a logic to scroll extract and repeat

Hope this helps


Hello @RPA_Dev13

Make sure you have selected “No limit” for the limit extraction option :


I did all of that but same problem extract only first 25 rows

Hello again,

I did a quick search on the forum, and have found two solutions for two different problems you could have :

Take a look at these links, and let’s hope one one of them solves your issue.



Did you try the above approaches?


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Hi thanks, guys for the help, all suggestions do not help to solve this problem.
but instead of extracting the data table online, I got the option to choose to download the table as an Excel file, and that helped me to continue working on the process.

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