Data Entry Automation Using Api

Here above is the screenshot of a desktop application regarding tax . i have an api containing data and i want to perform data entry on above application . what should be the ideal approach to enter data like using type into activities or anchor text activities or what should you suggest beacuse by looking software ui is not too good so it would be very hard . i need good approach.

thanks in advance

Hi @Muhammad_Umair

It’s always recommended to use the dynamic selectors if you are able to get
Using dynamic selectors and typeInto activities it will solve your issue



I have seen a similar application…in the file options please check there must be an option to import a csv file also you can export to a csv file I believe…It would be the mapping for each field with a unique ID and we can populate the csv and import the data directly instead of doing UI Automation on these fields


i am unable to understand what are u trying to say


Using ui automation filling these forms is difficult,

I guess for this application there is an option to fill the data by using and excel or csv…

Please click on file on the menu and check if you have export or import options…I see it is a cch portal…and I beleive you have multiple forms to be filled for taxation