Data Collection: Silverlight

What data needs to be collected for a Silverlight issue?


UIAutomation package version

Silverlight Developer Runtime version

Windowless parameter - Silverlight extension works regardless but is mandatory for windowless

Is the issue reproduceable on other applications? If yes, use this demo to check.

Data Collection:

Debug View logs

Environment Variable UIPATH_LOG_LEVEL set to VERBOSE (Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Varibles... > Press New... under System Variables)

Silverlight specific logs

Add environment variable UIPATH_SLHOOK_CONSOLE_LOGGING to true

Restart UiPath and IE

Open IE developer tools – console (F12 in IE)

These are logs explicitly written by SlHook or maybe app crashes

Run the flow

Collect the logs

UI Explorer screenshots

To see the tree and how selectors are generated

Process explorer To check that the applications have similar Integrity level. If the Integrity level is AppContainer, it won't work, so we can check properties (for example enhanced in IE)