Data base connection in orchestrator

Hello, I have a process with data base connection, in UiPath studio this run correctly, but if I try to run it in the orchestrator, the data base connection is loss.

Hello @OSCAR_GALLO, check if any of the steps below can help you :slight_smile:

  1. Robot Environment: Ensure that the Robot running the process in Orchestrator is set up correctly with the necessary permissions and access to the database server. Check the Robot’s environment to make sure it has the required network access and firewall settings to connect to the database.
  2. Connection String: Double-check the connection string used in your process. If the process uses a hard-coded connection string, make sure it is valid and points to the correct database server. If you are using Orchestrator Assets to store the connection string, ensure that the asset is properly configured and accessible by the Robot.
  3. Credential Management: If your database requires credentials to connect, verify that the credentials are correctly managed in Orchestrator. You can use Orchestrator Assets to securely store the database credentials and retrieve them in your process.
  4. Target Environment: When running the process in Studio, it may be using your local development environment, which could have different settings or access permissions compared to the Orchestrator environment. Ensure that the process is configured to use the correct environment and connection settings for the Orchestrator execution.
  5. Logs and Exceptions: Review the logs and any error messages in Orchestrator to identify any specific issues that may be causing the database connection problem. Look for exception details or any clues that might indicate why the connection is failing.
  6. Network and Firewall: Check if there are any network or firewall settings in the Orchestrator environment that might be preventing the Robot from accessing the database server.

Jobs don’t run in Orchestrator. Orchestrator kicks off the Job on another server using a Robot (user). That Robot (ie Windows account) needs to be granted access to the database.


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What authetication are you using?

And what error are you getting?

Does the other account or user has access? And required drivers are installed?