Dashboard: Grafana + Orchestrator (Ms SQL database)

Hi guys,

I’m new into Grafana, I would like to make simple graphs e.g line graph showing TRANSACTIONS STATUS i.e Total, Business Exceptions, Application Exceptions and Success.

I have tried creating SQL query that gives me all the data mentioned above but I can not seem to succeed when I use that query in Grafana.

Please help.

Hi @wilbardmtei,

I have developed before on Grafana and this is surely possible either by using the SQL table plugin or by aggregating robot log files (.txt). Grafana has numerous plugins / visualization types to achieve this.

Unfortunately , I do not have a backup of my local Grafana instance where I had all the queries. But as I remember it was pretty straight forward using SQL queries. I suggest you take some time to look at tutorials for simple Grafana charts using data from SQL query on YouTube and try replicating them in your context.

If you would also want to configure what your robots log and are using a on-premises orchestrator, it is a good investment to look at making custom Nlog files which Grafana can later consume. Here is link to editing the web.config or orchestrator. Logs - ElasticSearch - Help / Insights - UiPath Community Forum

Thanks @jeevith let me take a look at it.

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