Uipath Orchestrator and MS Power BI

Hi all,
Is there any posibillity to see logs or to connect to orchestrator SQL database in MS Power BI, because we have it and would like to view logs (scheluled tasks, logons, robot activity, ect) and have better organisation of schedulled processes. I know that you prefer Kibana and ElasticSearch but we would like to have dashboard in Power BI. In addition, I am pasteing simmilar question on forum: “I need to present local robot logs (NLog format) in Power BI dashboard but can’t find how to convert Log format to .csv or something similar that can be worked in excel/ power bi.

Can anyone guide me on how to do it or present an example/tool to do it ?

Thanks in advance,

Goran Josić (Plavi Tim, Croatia)

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Connect orchestrator SQL database to Power BI as data source.


You will need the SQL connection string.


Great, thank you :slight_smile:

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