Sending Job logs in Elastic


We would like to send JOB logs in Elastic (not only robot logs) to get job status etc, be able to do chart showing the % of success / failed etc…

I’m surprised to see it looks like we can only send robot logs but not job logs, can anyone tell me what i missed? For exemple, we would like to retrieve what we have in from mssql.

I don’t know what to change in web.config, despite the hours i’m looking for a solution…

Many thanks by advance

Hi @florian_goret

Please take a look at the Connector for ElasticSearch

hi @GreenTea,

Thx for your reply. But this is not what i was looking for. These package require to perform activities in Uipath developments to send records in ES.
What i’m looking for are data sent to jobs.dbo in mssql to be sent in ES (or anything that allow to get job status)

But i understood this was not possible, we can only send LOGS in ES, nothing else.

Which is a bit disturbing, because on you marketplace, you provide package that show transactionstatus ratio on the standard kibana report (which is failing because transaction.status keyword is missing) : looks like you have to make a customer modification in every developpement to get this value sent to ES. I was thinking it would be possible to get the info from jobs.dbo directly sent to ES to reproduce basic charts like the one you have on orchestrator main page (ratio of OK jobs vs failed ones).

kind regards