Dashboard Creation for Running Data

Hi All,
I need to create dashboard for business users to trace job process like for example I have 50 data should be added from Excel file to Web application I need to make live dashboard how many data completed and how many in progress and same for not started can i do it with Insights and if no can i do it with any other UiPath component
another question
Can I use insights along with data service ?

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You can create an app…from bot you can post the data to dataservices…and display the data is data service in your apps


Thanks @Anil_G for your fast response so I can not do it with insights ? and also for Apps did I will need to detected robot to get data from Data service and show it in APPS or this integration is out of the box integration ?

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If you are adding queue iems for each excel item…then you can track success and failed and abomdoned…remaining statuses will not reflect in the insights dashboard

In dataservice you can write watever column level data you want to write and in apps data services are directly available to consume…no 3rd integration is required


Hello @mahmoud.zaky
Are you adding the data from Excel to Queues or to Dataservice?


@Anil_G if i will use Data service with UiPath apps how to generate charts and create dashboard ?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,
No I do not use Queue I will get data from DB and upload it to Data service to be able to create dashboard for business users.

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Let me show example for what I need to make find below simple example
I Have table like blow contains Service and Count column I need to show this chart in UiPath Apps or Insights but I need to do this without using process as I do not to depend on robot for this dashboard.


If you are not using process then you cannot display it i beleive…as there is no inbuilt chart functionality in apps…you have an image or iframe or document viewer…what we can do is to create an excel chart as you did and project it here

If this case would not work…then you need to go with external options like power bi by writing the data to sql db and then load the data to power bi…

One more suggestion would be if you have sharepoint…then have the excel on your sharepoint and update the data directly on to excel which is on sharepoint and then whenever the chart file is opened the data can be refreshed and new data is visible always as the data is upto date on the file

Also if only completed count is needed…then queues would be your best option as insights has this functionality already to show the completed and failed details