Dark Theme feedback - grey text on white background hard to read


with the dark theme enabled (once again thank you so much), the arguments in the invoke workflow activity are grey font colour on white background, making the text hard to read.


This fixes itself if you hover the mouse over the fields once.

This issue also occurs in
the ‘selector editor’: the ticks inside the tickboxes are grey on white.
the screen scraping activity

I hope this is useful

Edit #1
Also the ‘ok’ button in the ‘types’ browse window

Anyone that is also having similar issues, feel free to post your issues, to help tackle as many as possible. Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey @AranPando

First of all Thanks a ton for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

From Next time you can raise your valuable feedback in the existing thread so UiPath team will get to know easily and all feedback will be in one place.

you can post in below thread from now onward though it is already have been there :slight_smile:


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Sorry wasn’t aware it was a feedback thread. Thank you

+1 for me on all the points still in 2019!