Daily email alert report (Alerts Dashboard)

I currently have 3 tenants set up in Orchestrator. All three have the same exact email configuration and all three were able to send a test email. My personal account is in all three tenants with the same email address. However, only one of the tenants is sending me the daily “UiPath - Alerts Dashboard” email. Why aren’t I getting all three?

Additionally, how can I change the default settings for the daily dashboard email? The documentation says it sends everyday at 7am “by default.” Saying that there is a “default” setting implies to me that there must be a way to change it. Here is the documentation I am referring to: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/email-alerts-dashboard-description

I believe I found the issue. My user account had the Administrator role but only on one of the tenants. I have added the role to my account under the other tenants as well. Now I’m just waiting for tomorrow to see if the emails come through.

My other question still stands. Is there any way to configure settings regarding the daily alerts dashboard report? Time of day it is sent, etc?