User Profile Alerts Setting

Can you please point me to documentation on what the Alert settings in the users profile within Orchestrator will trigger.

There are four alert types listed, which can be turned on or off: Transactions, Robots, Jobs and Schedules.

I am looking for documentation to help with internal how to documentation for our user community. If they are turned on: what doe the related alert look like? when is it sent out (daily or real time).

refer to the link below

Thank you Sree, this page is helpful. One item I am still not clear on is: When Alert Notifications are turned on in Orchestrator, what is the frequency of the emailed notification to the user? Is it real time? Is it once a day? Something else?

All users that have an e-mail address configured in the Users page and an assigned role that grants them View permissions on the Alerts page receive email alerts every time a Fatal or Error alert is encountered, and a daily detailed report of all alerts. If email configuration is done properly.

Configure the email in Orchestrator as shown in below link

Thank you!