Feature enhancements for Email Alerts from Orchestrator

  1. Customize the list of users to whom email alerts should be sent
    –Email alert should be send to configurable email account/DL instead of everyone who has read access to Alerts.

  2. Option to configure it to send only FATAL alerts
    –Currently it sends both Fatal and Error alerts in email.

  3. Option to configure only consolidated report at the end of the day without the real time email alerts.
    –Currently it sends a real time email alerts as and when FATAL/Error alerts are generated and a consolidated report. We would like to have only consolidated report at the end of day without real time alerts

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Any update on this? It would be immensely useful. Getting too many alerts is almost as bad as getting no alerts because it trains people to not pay attention to the alert emails. Then, when something actually goes wrong, that person doesn’t notice it because they’re so used to getting a barrage of alert emails

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Add the tenant and perhaps unit name to the Alerts Dashboard E-mail. If you have multiple tenants and you are using the same E-mail address to send notifications from each tenant, you can’t tell from which tenant the Alert Dashboard notification is coming.

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Could it be possible to add tenant name in the alerts’ email subject in the next releases?

Definitely possible


It would be nice if we could be able to format the error message and to choose which alerts to get. Our dev licences are connected to Orchestrator so each time our devs logoff their laptop a new alert is generated stating that the Dev is unresponsive.

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Does it make sense to configure alerts by robot type so that you may exclude Non-Production if needed?
What other filters?

Now, I’m not sure how much this is a use case. Normally you would have dev separated by production. Right?

Configuring by robot type would be great.

I supposed normally you would have dev separated from production but as far as I know, when you have completed your dev work, you still need to be able to publish your completed work to the production server. Right now, we connect our dev account to the production server to publish the code. Also there are times when you can make a “quick fix” to production code and you need to connect your dev robot type to production to do that.

Make sense?