Alerts Dashboard daily summary should be optional

Alerts Dashboard daily email summary is sent to all users without the option to disable it by the user. Specific alert types can be disabled, but still user gets this daily summary, that is irrelevant for many users. It should be one of those options to disable in alerts settings.
There is a discussion topic about this but no feature request.

Hi @Toni,

I wanted to know were you able to find a solution?
We also have a similar need where we need to disable the daily alert summary mails for a few users.


Unfortunately no. Emails are sent to all registered users in our Orchestrator.
But in Orchestrator 22.10 you can more granularly specify which alerts are sent, and if there are no alerts during the 24 hours for a specific user, then no summary is sent either. This should cover the issue I think. See documentation: Alert emails