Cybersecurity Questions

Hello everyone.
I have some Cybersecurity queries regarding UiPath, and Orchestrator, I hope they can help me.

What can be done in the following cases?

  • Loss of control of robots due to a cyber attack.
  • Engagement of the orchestrator who controls the robots in a cyber attack.
  • Inadequate management of technical vulnerabilities associated with the RPA system.

This taking into account that the Orchestrator and Robots is mounting on an AWS team.

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hi @JFEspanolito
This very much similar actions have to be taken as the other regular process that if you were under cyberattack, hope you/your information security team know those.

Instead of that …

For this you if you lose only your robot control, you can still have access to Orchestrator you can disconnect and remove all processes from there.
(If your server{APP/DB} is under attack menace that’s another scenario, You have to have a DR or Immediate recovery methods )

This also the same, if your Orchestrator is only under attack, If you still have access to your APP/DB servers so you can discontinue the Orchestrator servers that currently host. and if you wanna go through further you have to connect with your cybersecurity and network team together and work for the incident

Basically, if your RPA application getting vulnerable means that Inadequate management of the team that who are managing (Application server / Database Server/Robots ), and if any reason of application bug, they will immediately provide patches version upgrades.

This is like to talk about a huge area and according to the situations you have to make the right decisions for your applications, anyway, The best thing is treated the same as your other applications that have been host, Same actions you have to take place when you are in cyber attack.and Proper well known RPA Infrastructure Engineer should be there to address those form RPA side.


Hi @Maneesha_de_silva thanks for the tips.
No, we did not have cyberattacks, I just want more information in case in the world rpa has other actions for security apart from the general.

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Instead of general practices for the Organizations following link will guide you additional Uipath Security Best Practices

and the following link will show you the security status of the application side