Orchestrator Connectivity using UiPath Studio

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Can you please help me to understand on the below query.

I have implemented in UIpath studio and for generating the multiple reports on daily basis I’m using Orchestrator (Platform.uipath.com)

Can you please confirm on the security aspect for doing the TaskScheduler of Application Automation using UIPath Orchestrator. Will it impact the security breach.If so, do we have any alternate way of task scheduler.

My understanding on task scheduler using UIPath Orchestrator: “As far I have checked, Process will be stored in the cloud since this is the community edition there is no separate server and so there is a possibility of viewing the process details in Orchestrator . If we want to get it secured then we may need to buy for Enterprise Orchestrator(Separate Server).”

Please confirm Viewing the Processes in Orchestrator will it impact security breach -Even we made configuration of confidential information like Authentication and report details.Since we are using Organisation Hostname and Domain Username details in UIPath orchestrator to connect. So pls confirm will it impact if we use Community edition Orchestrator for trigger the jobs.


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Could you please have a look at this

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Could you share the part of documentation that you found this quote on?

Technically, you will not be able to see processes of other users, it is your own instance.

I didnt find this anywhere about the quote which i asked for, Since I’m using community edition, Would like to understand on the security aspect about the process which have been implemented and to use in Orchestrator for scheduler it was asking for my machine details and domain User name. So please suggest will it impact on using Orchestrator for task scheduler the query which i raised for.

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To answer this question I can say that the data you store on Orchestrator is secure and only visible to you.

And to follow up, Cloud Platform is well certified as well:


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