CV Element not Found Error

Hello Forks,

I am currently using Computer Vision activities to change preset values in the the MS Access form in my virtual environment. The initial cursor position is at “ID” as opening the page in the screenshot. I use a Send Hotkey to go to the next entry and a CV Type Into activity to replace the value with another. For each entry, the each input box is selected and each field name is used as an anchor. The robot works as I intend up to “Schedule Line”, but it always gets stuck when trying to identify the input box at “Material” and throws an Element not Found error in every execution. I even added an additional anchor for resolving this issue. However, the robot behaves the same as it does with one anchor. I was wondering how I could solve this issue.

Hi @at3250,
Does the data insertion change the form in any way?

I would suggest a possible alternative, can you navigate the page using “Tab”? If so you can send “Del” as an HotKey some times to delete the field entirely and then write again without using CV (At least for that field that does not work)

Yes, every time a type Into activity kicks in and successfully works.

Sorry for the lack of explanation. I remotely access the virtual environment where MS Access is opened. In other words, my Studio environment is on my local and MS Access is on the virtual environment. That means I only have the CV Type Into activity to type in an input in the environment.

How does the form changes between the CV element you have taken and the one he does not find?