CV Dropdown Inaccuracy


I have a tried CV dropdown select but the thing is it actually types the text in the dropdown and then selects it say for example, “Afghan”, it types it into the dropdown field and selects it but the thing is in the dropdown that I wish to automate, it doesn’t accept a string to type in but only a character. How should I proceed with this ? . I must only use CV activites


  1. Use “Select Item” Activity:
  • Instead of “Type Into,” use the “Select Item” activity from UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities.
  1. Indicate on Screen:
  • Drag the “Select Item” activity and indicate the dropdown field on the screen.
  1. Provide Character Input:
  • In the “Item” property of “Select Item,” type the character you want to select or use a variable.
  1. Add a Delay:
  • If needed, use the “Delay” activity to wait for the dropdown options to load.
  1. Verify Selection:
  • Ensure the character uniquely identifies the option you want to select.
  1. Test and Adjust:
  • Test the workflow and adjust the delay as necessary for your application’s responsiveness.

Hi @Theophilus_Timothy_Ruben

Normally the CV Dropdown select activity works like, there is a Text field in the activity in that you have to pass the variable which contains the Text in your case (it is Afghan), Then the CV Dropdown activity selects the options in the dropdown automatically, with out entering like type into and selecting. It filter out the dropdown field and select the options that we have provided in Text field in CV Dropdown select activity.

Check the below image,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @mkankatala ,

I’m pretty sure of what it does under the hood . Under the hood the mechanism of CV dropdown is to type into the value that we give, be it variable or just a hardcoded value. So the problem is the dropdown option that I wish to automate doesn’t accept string to be typed in but only characters .

You can sign into Orange HRM demo - OrangeHRM ( for more reference .
Please refer the MyInfo tab for the dropdown . Thank You !

Hi @Krishna_Raj ,

The thing is I’m creating a POC for Computer Vision and I must make sure that the activities used are of CV activities . Thank You for your solution tho’

why you are using the CV Activities, Ui activities are working fine in the website.

And there is no chance to type into the Nationality field, we have only option to use the Select Item activity.

Take an assign activity and create a variable called NationName, and assign the value to the NationName Variable as below,

- Assign -> NationName = "Afghan"

Then pass this variable in the Item to select field then it will select the Value which is in the Variable from dropdown.

It was working fine for me, try to do it with the Ui activities.

Check the below workflow for better understanding -

Hope you understand!!

Hi @mkankatala , kindly check my previous reply for krishna