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Hi there, hope you’re doing fine guys :slight_smile:
I’m just wondering…

When creating a new form, we have IconPath field, which lets you customize the only the taskbar form’s Icon

Do you know how could I change the UiPath Icon which appears in forms’ window header as well?

Let me show you show you some pics, I’ve changed the Icon’s path so:

  • Taskbar’s icon is the custom one:

  • But as said, window still has UiPath’s one:

Any help/thought will be appreciated, thanks in advance and happy automations!

I’ve tried to find the assets/css which aliment a default UiPath form (you can find in by investigating project .xaml file), it’s called cerulean.bootstrap.min.css
I don’t find it locally so, I’ve supposed it’s retrieving it back from an external service (FormIo guessed)

For RnD purpose check if manipulation of the icon at the following location will do any changes


Hi, thanks for the approach :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not changing anything. I just have replaced it for another image (same format,heigh,wigh,wide) and it still shows the UiPath Icon.

I guess it’s retrieving that info from some else place

For sure, this would be a dirty trick only for RnD purpose. Also it requires the the manipulated parts are properly (re)-loaded.

As we had seen this request more often by members also feel free to submit as a request to UiPath here

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Thanks! I’ve just added it there :slight_smile: