Custom Activity: Icons belonging to the activity

I am creating a number of custom activities, and I would love to associate an icon with each activity so as to have the icon appear next to the activity name in UiPath. How can this be achieved?

Image of desired functionality:


did you try icon url in nuget package explorer?

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Yes, however, isn’t that for the package as a whole, and not for each individual activity?

You are right. Let me check.

I use visual studio to create custom activties and i found below snippet which you may give a try

     [ToolboxBitmap(typeof(ShowActivityOnLoadActivity), "Resources.DefaultIcon.ico")] //The DefaultIcon.ico is in your resource file
    public class ShowActivityOnLoadActivity : CodeActivity

I use Visual Studio as well. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in using your suggested approach: I placed the icon of interest in the C:\ folder, might that be my mistake? Your snippet refers to a resource file, where is this file usually located?

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Is there any option to perform this like adding direct input field, change icon of custom libraries created using UiPath library option only not by VB script.

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try this video