Customise your package versions?

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if there is a way to customize your versions of packages?
E.g. when i publish some of my work to the orchestrator the process has a version assigned to it - 1.0.6317.16654 then when i publish again the version gets set to 1.0.6333.20947?
Is it possible to set our own versions?

Essentailly I’d like the version i commit in SVN to match the version of the package in orchestrator. So wondering if its possible to configure the package version, as it seems random at the minute

Old thread, but figured I’d hijack this instead of starting a new one.

Does anyone have an update to this? Also, I notice that the package version gets changed even if there aren’t any changes to the file. For example, if you click publish twice in a row very quickly without making changes, it will create 2 different package versions, which doesn’t quite make sense to me. Seems like it’d be harder to collaborate & know when changes have been made when the package versions don’t really correlate to the contents of the .xaml file & are just arbitrary numbers.

Hi Dave,

Regarding Declan’s original post, for now the version cannot be changed to mach the one in SVN repository. But i will move this one to the Ideas category.

As for the two different versions when no change is made, when publishing a project itr is archived in a .nupkg file and a version number is generated: M.m.bbbb.rrrrr
M - major version
m - minor version
bbbb - build version: the number of days that elapsed since 01.01.2000
rrrrr - revision version: the number of seconds which elapsed since 5 AM, GMT until the moment of the release
So when archiving the project folder it doesn’t know that inside the .xaml file there have been changes made(at least not for now).

And usually, when click on Publish you already know that changes were made and you want to update with the new version of the package.

Do you want to be able to change a package version to match the SVN one, like Declan’s idea? And when no changes are made to not be able to publish? Could you give a use case for this? (it would be easier for us if we understand better the user’s needs)



Thank you for the clarification on how the version numbers are created, that is very helpful.

I do think it’d be helpful to change package versions to match SVN, or to have the user assign their own version numbers.

It probably isn’t worth it to have it check for changes to the files & not publish if no changes are made, just thought I’d ask :slight_smile: I’m trying to find ways to ensure that files are the same between dev/test/prod environments using separate orchestrator tenants for dev/test and a separate server for prod, but it looks like the best way is to just save the .nupkg file somewhere and manually upload the same package across environments

@Dave I have done some more research on this and you can modify the Major and Minor version in the project.json file. In order for the modifications to take place, edit the file → restart Studio → Publish. But the revision version will change no matter what, as I previously explained.

Below there is an example, I modified M and m from 1 and 0 to 5 and 6:

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An additional question: is it possible to prevent automatic changes to the version number when publishing? The reason I am asking is that if for whatever reason we have to republish projects to Orchestrator, we would like to do so from known stable versions taken from a repository, say for instance v1.0.1234.56789. But the moment we publish this stable version to Orchestrator, the version number changes and we lose traceability of versions between the repository and Orchestrator.

Any ideas?

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