Published version different than Studio Version

Has anyone ever seen an issue where the published version of a project is different than the version in Studio? I just upgraded a project from 1.01 to 1.02 with some info log message changes as I was having trouble with the bot and I needed more granular info. When I run the process from orchestrator the log messages look the same from version 1.0.1, but when I run the studio version the log messages are what I was expecting. 2 lines in yellow are examples.

After publishing you have to log into Orchestrator and go to the Process, click Edit, and manually tell it to use the new version.

Publishing sends a new package to Orchestrator, but you have to manually tell the Process which version of the package to use.

My apologies. I had forgotten to mention those points. Yes, I upgraded Orchestrator to 1.0.2 package. However I did it at the folder level and not at the Tenant level. Editing the process shows it’s using 1.0.2. Manual run does not ask for package version. I assume it’s using what the Edit shows.


Further to this, I updated to 1.0.3 without making any changes to see if orchestrator ‘caught up’, and no change. I then deleted the package and all of it’s versions from orchestrator, and rebublished as 1.0.4. Now the info messages match 100%.
I went down this path as this bot was running correctly from studio, but when it ran unattended it would fail where I had previously made a correction.

Update: I looked at other bots, and created another to test out issue. This is/was the only bot that was having issues. I’m closing this item.

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