Custom Workflow Analyzer Rules not working for .NET 6.0

We have been building custom WFA rules based on this guide Activities - Building Workflow Analyzer Rules ( (project created as a Class Library in Visual Studio). Has been working well for Windows Legacy using .NET Framework 4.6.1. However when we tried to upgrade to .NET 6.0 (we created another Class Library project), the .nuget package cannot be loaded, erroring with

NU1202: Package XXXX 1.0.0 is not compatible with net6.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v6.0) / win10-x64. Package XXXX 1.0.0 supports: net (.NETFramework,Version=v0.0)

The .nuget package was created using the steps in

However it works if we import the .dll directly into %LocalAppData%\Programs\UiPath\Studio\Rules\net6.0

Anyone experienced similar?

Problem solved, the reason was due to the caching of .nuget packages (new releases were packaged with the same version number). Just had to clear the corresponding .nuget cache in %userprofile%/.nuget/packages

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