Cannot get Uipath 4.0 extension for VS2022 to create Nuget Package for .NET 6


I have without any luck followed and tried different suggestions to be able to create a Nuget Package and import it in UiPath as an activity package. After a lot of research my conclusion is that this just doesn’t work out of the box and that is very annoying when you are forced to only create processes in UiPath Studio that supports .NET 6.

Like others I have had a lot of troubleshooting just to get the .NET 6 framework working with the UiPath Extension. Just the fact that you need .NET 4.6.1 to get the .NET 6 framework to work is totally counter intuitive.

In the official guide there’s no mentioning of this regarding the 4.0 extension:

But other users got this information in the forum:

Furthermore when building a process using the 4.0 Extension wizard the files get compiled but not packed in a Nuget Package. Why is that? Is this an early alpha version?
Then there was a user that managed to pack the DLL-files by using Nuget Manager Explorer and had to downgrade the Workflow.Runtime package in VS2022 to 6.0.0 instead of 6.0.3:

I could only put two links in the post because I’m a new forum-member:

I tried this but the Nuget-package doesn’t show any of my activities in the activity manager in Studio.

I don’t understand why there are packages for the 4.0 Extension in Visual Studio that are incompatible and can’t be used making the nuget package but there is no official documentation or warning about it. And you don’t get any warnings in VS either.

Can any UiPath official explain what’s up and down regarding this issue?

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Hans Christian

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The two links regarding the Nuget Manager Explorer and the Workflow.Runtime 6.0.0 vs. 6.0.3:

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