.NET Framework / Core DLL version supported by UiPath

Hi All,

We are using UiPath 2020.10.9 version, For the Custom Workflow analyzer saw its restricted to .NET 4.6.1 DLLs.

Can you please enlighten below questions with directions,

  • Which version of .NET framework DLL are supported for custom workflow analyzer?
  • Whether .NET Core DLLs are allowed for custom workflow analyzer dll ?
  • Any guidance steps on How to implement custom workflow and how it overrides the default behavior of workflow analyzer ?

Looking forward for the answers from the community. Thanks.

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Just Reposting to see if any one has any inputs.

Framework 4.6.1

No, did fail in our lab / RnD


  • write a simple helloWorld rule and inspect some details while remote debugging the HelloWorldRule

unlcear what is meant with default

Also take a note on:

UiPath Studio 2021.4 brings many new improvements under the hood with a new architecture based on .NET Core.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for taking time in replying this question.

How it overrides the default behavior of workflow analyzer ?
Explaining a bit on this, ( If i place a custom analyzer DLL there are already default rules in it in UiPath Studio by default, Whether that Also will be applied (or) only it gets the new DLL rules for workflow analyzer check)

not clear in total what is meant. UiPath will serve us with rules. We can write custom rules. Once our custom rules are deployed we do see all: UiPath Rules and also Our Custom Rules.

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