Custom Input activity to open in Chrome

Hi, does anybody know how can I force UiPtah to open the HTM form from my Custom input activity in Chrome instead of IE?
I have a calendar picker in my form and is not working when I run it on UiPath.
In Chrome:
From UiPath:

Hi @Lidia,
When you are indicating something what needs additional action you can use F2 option:

Hi @Pablito this is a web form that I created using the CUstom input activity. The web form I created uses a calendar picker. UiPath is opening my web form with IE by default.

Hi @Lidia

Have you tried changing the system default web browser?

@Lidia I would check to make sure your default web browser in Windows is set to Google Chrome. Search ‘Default Apps’ in your Windows start menu, click ‘Default Apps’, scroll to Web Browser and make sure chrome is selected.

Does this solve your issue?

Thank you everyone, yes my default browser is Chrome. I think is UiPath that opens the form on IE by default and it doesn’t have a way to change it.

If you can instead implement the ‘Open Browser’ activity into your workflow, you should be able to modify the browser in the properties on the right, Listed as “Browser Type” (You can see I’ve selected Chrome, Default is IE). Let me know if this helps.

Thank you but that don’t works because this is the Custom input Activity and my HTML form is saved locally on my PC. The open browser just opens the form but does’t send the data input to uipath. Would be perfect if the custom input would have that part where you can change the Browser.

Apparently Custom Input opens the URL in Internet Explorer 7.

Here’s the output of window.navigator.userAgent:


This is very disappointing since IE 7 is largely incompatible with the modern web.

I would understand if this is low-priority for the team…but it would be great to get an update that uses Chromium instead!

As a workaround, I just put together a proof of concept that launches Chrome and posts to an HTTP listener started in UiPath. This lets us use Chrome for the browser while still receiving the data back into UiPath.

I’ll post the code shortly.

EDIT: Here’s the code.



Hi @Lidia @eeskildsen

We’ll look into it, it seems strange that it would use IE7 if none is available on the machine.

Please also have a look at the UiPath.Form activity pack :slight_smile:

For now in beta, but it will soon be released as stable too :slight_smile:

Some relevant screenshots:


The issue is likely that IE has different rendering modes, and when hosted outside of the browser it defaults to IE7 rendering mode. You can force it to render in the latest version by adding this meta tag into the header of your HTML content:
<meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=edge” />

This blog post has a full explanation with a second workaround Web Browser Control & Specifying the IE Version - Rick Strahl's Web Log


Igual tengo el mismo problema, el CustomInputForm.exe esta establecido para iniciar con Internet Explorer; he intentado de varias formas modificar el browser de el Input pero no he podido.

This is a me too post.

Adding HTML is great. Having it rendered in an almost non functional engine is not so great.
Some method of changing/assigning engines would be awesome, and since you can do it with the Open Browser activity I would assume it shouldn’t be too hard to add it here as well.

Unfortunately didnt help me.