Custom HTML Form Auto Close Popup


I am developing an attended automation which uses a custom HTML input form to get transaction data from the user. This input dialog should time out, close and throw a BRE after one minute if the user did not input a value so I have added a self.close property within my HTML to achieve this.
When the form has been opened for a minute and attempts to close, I encounter a popup window asking “Do you want to close this window?”. I haven’t been able to deal with this pop up in my robot process as no activity will run until the form is completely closed. I have to close this manually to continue running my process.
Any ideas on how I could deal with this pop up? Would there be a way to prevent it from appearing at all?



With UiPath you can only do this using ‘parallel’ activity with two ‘threads’:


In this way: ‘first thread’ will be performing standard course of action (with optional ending flag if neccessary) - and at the same time ‘second thread’ will be constantly (Retry action) checking against the this ‘blocking’ dialog box and perform required action (i.e. click yes/no) to get rid of this window ‘Web Browser’.

In my experience I had very similar situation with excel macro where client’s (third-party) script was crashing occasionally and dropping this ‘debug’ type of input dialog box that could be only handled manually:


Reasons for this crash were not clear - not necessarily code errors. Most probably this was related with unresponsive Exchange Server (macro was sending emails) or overloaded machine’s CPU. Nevertheless processing could not be stopped at this point but had to process remaining items and ‘parallel’ activity maintained this approach quite well (until the time where we finally convinced client to replace excel macro it with bot ‘Outlook’ action).

Let me know if my explanation was helpful, otherwise I can paste component that will need to be customized by you anyway …

Take care!