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I am using Insights 2019.10 & creating custom dashboard. There are so many logs I can see on Orchestrator “Message” fields on Job. But not able see same message while creating dashboard in Insights.

Another problem I am facing, while creating Message Hierarchies, not able to apply hierarchies while creating dashboard.

Kindly helpl

Hey @mehulkumarshah, sounds like those fields you want are probably not present in the last log event. Check out our docs about adding custom data for more info -

Thanks Michelle.

Actually my understanding is that all the logs which are displayed on orchestrator should displayed on Insights. Although let me check custom log fields.

Thanks Michelle for you input. I will try & let you know if any challenge.

Hi Michelle,

I have created small workflow to customize logs using Add Log fields activity. But still not able to see custom field in Insights while create Dashboard. I am attaching for your reference. Kindly suggest.Main.xaml (11.9 KB)


hey mehul, the workflow looks ok to me. where are you looking for this custom field? Do you have a table in insights that is named “Process-[your process name]”?

Hi Michelle,

Yes, I have gone through the below documents & video :)

 Ideally it should create separate table in Insights DB for custom log. But it wasn't created. After checking event viewer getting some error. I have raised ticket with UiPath support team. Thanks for your help.[Insights_Error.txt|attachment](upload://khmXTy5abUqmyfhd3ubJenQ9fI9.txt) (2.4 KB) 


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