Process Custom Variables/Log Fields not showing up in Insight v2022.4.2

I have modified a workflow to include several new Log Fields via Log Messages in multiple places.
The Orchestrator Robot Logs shows the various Log Message activites with the correct log field names and associated values.

12+ hours later Insights v2022.4.2 still does not show the log fields I added in my workflow in the “Processes → Configure Custom Variables” screen in my Tenant for the process name which logged them. The ones that do show up are the typical REF default Log Fields added in Main.xaml which I’m not using currently.

Anyone have any ideas why this might be ?

Could you show me how these logs fields are implemented into your code?

This is one of the workflows I have for Log Fields. There are two other which are identical in layout but they simply output different Log Fields:

This is what the Orchstrator Log looks like for one of several calls to this workflow:

You must configure the custom variables in the insights configure custom variable page for this process in order to use it. This page is found in the 3-dot button on the top right next to the question mark button. In order to do this, you must have admin access to insights. I do not, but can show you where it would be if I did.

Yes, I understand that. I am the administrator within my Orchestrator Tenant and within Insights. The Log Fields that Orchstrestrator shows in the Robot Logs are not showing up in the Configure Custom Variables screen which you are referring to.

That’s odd. I would report this with UiPath and let someone from their side troubleshoot the issue. I’m sorry I am unable to help!

Yes I have opened a ticket with UiPath support. I was just asking here in case someone else had hit anything similar.

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Have you been using version control to track your automation progress, maybe you can go back to the last commit, and see if you didn’t make remove any by mistake ?

Thanks for the reply.

This may to be an issue with “understanding” and “assumptions” (mine) of what Uipath Insights can do with Orchstrator Robots logs that have Process Custom Fields and what it can not do (this issue may be more on this side :frowning: )

I was on with my customer’s UiPath TAM and they were unsure why Insights is not pulling in the Robots logs and seeing the additional Custom Fields like I assume it should be capable of working with and handling.

Hoping to hear from UiPath Support soon to go through it with them.

This is why they are not showing up:

Text from the above URL:


Insights ingests the following log types:

  • Error Log Messages (log messages with Log Level = Error).
  • The last log message of successful jobs.

The “last log message” is a default setting in the Log Rule which is discussed here:

<when condition="level >= LogLevel.Error or ends-with('${message}',' execution ended')" action="Log" />

That “ends-with” part of the rule is what looks for any message containing " execution ended" at the end of it … aka The Last message of a running worfklow before it completes.

The LogLevel.Error part of the above rule, on the other hand, is EVERY Log Message with a level of ERROR is brought into Insights apparently. I tried using a basic test workflow which has 3 @ Log Messages set to “ERROR” with Log Fields with some random values. About 15 minutes later, Insights had pulled in those Log Fields in and I’m able to use in them in a Dashboard.

I don’t particularly like using ERROR level Log Messages though. Thinking might be better to add a new Log Rule which looks for any ${message} that ends with something like " - Logging Log Fields" and use the normal LogLevel of INFO.

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