"Log field" not shown in insights

Hi. I try to build a dashboard using custom data. “Log field” data are defined in my process (“Add log field activity”).
I can see the table of the Process- in insights and only some of the “Log field” . There are a number of “Log field” that are sent from the process but are not seen in the table(Select data). I tried to rebuild the tables, I tried to update the tables. Nothing helps, only some of the fields appear.
I’ll be glad to receive your help.
Thanks in advance

Hey there, something to be aware of from our documentation:

" Insights receives the last log event only for successful processes. If you use the Remove Log Fields activity, Insights will not be able to capture the custom fields as they will be removed by the workflow prior to the process completing."

that would be my first thought as to whats going on

Hey, Thanks for help.
i already read that. i don’t have “Remove log field activity” at all. second all process that i checked was successful processes
Is there another intention?

Are your log field data types our supported types? Integer, String, Boolean, Double, or Float?

Yes data type is integrer or string.
I add log field inside workflow that i invoke
“Invoke workflow activity”->inside work flow->“add log field”
Can i add log fiels inside workflow.xaml or just in main.xaml maybe its related ?
Thanks a lot

Ah that’s probably it. We ingest only the last log event of the successful job, aka the log message with “execution ended”. That comes from the main workflow. unless you’ve passed your arguments out to the main workflow, you lose them once you leave the scope of the invoke activity

I used ‘add log field’ activity in Main.xaml but it did not show in Insights. Does Insights need time to extract values to custom table?

hey there, insights gets data on a 15 min or so interval, so you shouldn’t have to wait very long to see you data. have you read Adding Custom Data to Insights?
this is a great guide for how to make sure your custom variables show up in the product

Hi all
I have the same problem, I added “add log field” but I can’t get the logs in Insights, and I cant find the process by typing proces-
I can see the logs in raw message though.
is there any solution?

you guys should check out this thread. I gave a few suggestions on there that you might find useful

The link https://forum.uipath.com/t/insights-on-cloud/293511/5 doesn’t seem to be valid. Can you provide another link where you provided suggestions that you thought may be helpful? Thanks.

Hmm…it’s valid for me, but try: https://forum.uipath.com/t/insights-on-cloud/293511/6?u=michelle_yurovsky

Same issue. I have added a screenshot also.

Sorry guys, it turned out it was a private topic sent to me by someone and I had a thread going there. Summary of my points there:

  1. make sure you’re reading the docs about how we get data. If your custom variable is not in the last log event or error log, Insights will not have it.
  2. If you’re on 20.10, the admin needs to whitelist tables that will have custom logs so make sure that’s also been done, otherwise you won’t see any custom tables.
  3. This is in our documentation, but make sure you’re not using the Remove Log Fields activity after adding your logs, otherwise Insights will not get them

I followed the instructions to add custom data into insights, but I still don’t see any custom data on it. We are currently using version 2020.4.2. Do we need to update in order to see custom data?

Hi Carlos,
Did you run the process through orchestrator or the assistant? Can you confirm that you see the process name in Insights? Also, you added the log before the custom fields are added and did you make sure not to remove the custom variables before the last log?

I ran the process from orchestrator, the assistant and studio. I don’t see the process name in insights. This was the entire process in main, I was just testing all these activities to get some custom data in insights.

In that screenshot, I do not see the searched process, but if you tried searching for the process and do not see the process name then we may have a problem with the connector. The tenant setup logs will let you know if the connector failed if you want to give that a try. Otherwise, just file a support ticket and they’ll help.