Custom data sent from "Add log field" to insights is not displayed in insights -> Select data

Hi, i am working with Uipath insight. I want to add custom data to my dashboard so I followed the instructions step by step. I add “Add Log Fields activity” to my process.
The custom data is not appear at Uipath insight–>Build new dashboard–> Select data–> Process- and below should appear the variables I sent from the process.
Why i cant see my process and custom data in Insight–> Select data ?
Thanks in advance

hi @111593, have you checked out our troubleshooting guide on our documentation? Troubleshooting

double check to make sure you’re meeting all our requirements and follow the troubleshooting steps. this can often be caused by some misconfigurations. if that document doesn’t help you resolve it, please file a support ticket and someone will be happy to assist.

Thanks for the help, I checked, I see the table of the process within “insight” but only some of the log fields appear and some that are defined in the process are not displayed.

Insights :slight_smile: but this looks like a dupe of your post here -"Log field" not shown in insights - #2 by Michelle_Yurovsky

let us know if it helped