Build a Custom Activity using Activity creator

As we know that for any process automation, Activities are the major building block. Sometime we come across such scenarios where we need to create our own custom activity. In that case, we have a amazing extension tool in Visual Studio called “Activity Creator”. Its really easy to use and unlike earlier, a developer need to focus only on the activity logic.

Here is the first part of the series of Exploring the UiPath Activity Creator. The Topics that are covered in this tutorial are -

  1. How to install Activity creator in Visual Studio.
  2. Start with UiPath Activity Project.
  3. Discuss the Folder Structure.
  4. Create a small Activity
  5. How to publish
  6. How to use it in UiPath.

Do you by any chance know why Add Activities option is disabled for me?


First, we need to select any of the main projects (these are the ones labeled MyCompany.MyProduct…) in the Solution Explorer, as the following document. Can you try this?



Simple steps are the most tricky ones :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you!

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Is it possible to build a custom activity for Uipath in Python? because there is a library that only exists for Python.


Any plans on making UiPath Activity Creator available in VS2022?

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And update the Template to default to a higher .Net with long term support by Microsoft, like .Net 6.0

Hi @fred.bullmer. Happy to say that Activity Creator v4, which generates activities compatible with .NET 6 Windows, is now live. Please see the updated docs as there are new dependencies.


Thanks Dean,

The v3 is working good with VS2022. I’m looking forward to trying this version.

I’m sure it will make a difference with customer IT departments when we submit our package/product for Market. We are still reviewing and testing our Activity list .


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