Custom activity showing in one project and not in the other

I created a nuget package and imported it in UiPath.
I used it in an example, see screen shot

I closed and reopend the screen, it still works.

Then I create a new project on the same machine. Now the activity doesn’t show up anymore! I have both projects open at the same time to show you:

I also cannot copy the used activity to the new project.
After restarting the machine the same thing: still available in that one project and not in new projects. Any ideas?

@edward.hulleman If you’re using uipath studio 2018.1 version or above ( I not pretty sure about starting version) for every new project you create, packages have to be installed only basic packages are available in new project rest of the packages packages have to be installed again.

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Hello @Manjuts90, but the package shows as installed!
To make sure, I uninstalled and installed it again, but the activity still does not show up in new project but it still works fine in that one first project I created with the activity.

@edward.hulleman you have to install package in new project also. For every new project packages has to be installed separately.


See here for more info:

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Hi All,

I m using Visual Studio 2017 and developed a Custom activity using this link steps:

After creating when the NuGet package is placed on the UiPath Packages folder.

I m able to add the package from Manage Packages in the UiPath Studio.

But it shows an error on the activity: like
Error for Activities_Custom_Test = 2.0.0


Other activities:
Azure_ExtractImageText_Activities = 1.0.0

when its showing properly the Activities are not available in the Activities section of the UiPath Studio.

Please suggest if there is any other document or link to be referred for the same.
Anil Kumar