Custom Activity Package doesn't show up in Activities Tab

Hello, I am trying to include a custom activity i wrote in c#. All seemed to work perfectly but after adding the package to the project the activity i wrote doesn’t show up in the activities panel. I also added as dependecies in the nuget package manager all the other packages i used in the activity.
Studio version: 2020.10.5-beta.20
The activity id is “PdfExtractor.Activities”

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give a try on modifying the different filter options:

I checked all the show options, still no luck

then check the logs if any hint for a load fail occurs

by deleting the expanded folder in .nuget directory we also can force that the package is renewed for the reference inclusion

Upon just restarting the project there seem to be no error:
output.txt (492 Bytes)

By deleting the folder seems to be handling the situatuion correctly, but still no activity:
output_reset.txt (10.6 KB)

All packages and projects are compatible with .NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1.

is from above guaranteed by your custom activity implementation project (Visual Studio)?

did you ever checked a part result implementation (does mean was it previously added and displayed in the activity tree)?

I don’t understand completely the first question, but i think the answer is yes, as I already tested the functionality of the custom activity in a separate project as a simple console application and everything worked fine. Also the .dll of the custom activity is created using the build option in vs 2019.

As for the second question, i never tried importing a partial implementation in uipath, only the complete one I am currently facing this issue

lets assume following:

or if created alternate was the Visual Studio Project of type:
Class Library (.NET Framework) for version 4.6.1
Does mean not set to Core, .Net5…

I wasn’t aware of that article, I instead followed this one.

I tried your link and everything worked perfectly!
Thank You a lot

Perfect, it is working
So just do your final testing and mark the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it. Thanks

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