Custom Activity Creator: New activity not appearing

Hi there,

I’m using the Custom Activity Creator extension in Visual Studio and trying to add a new activity to an existing library. I used the extension’s built-in functionality and followed the steps to add a new activity. I then build the library and published the NuGet package. Within my test UIPath Studio project, I removed the existing dependency and added the updated dependency but the new activity doesn’t show up in the activities list.

Is this a known problem? Am I missing a step? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



It was a version issue. Apparently you need to change the version number so there must be some sort of caching going on.

Even though I removed the dependency from the sample project, deleted the original NuGet package from the local folder and published a new version, the new activity didn’t appear until I physically changed the version number in the project file.

Problem solved!

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