Custom Activities Compatible with Newer Versions of Studio (.NET 5)

The newer versions of Studio Community (2021.10.x) give us the compatibility options “Windows - Legacy”, “Windows” and “Cross-Platform”.

“Windows” and “Cross-Platform” uses .NET 5 which turns basically all activities on marketplace/nuget obsolete since they are based on .NET 461 and so, not compatible with newer versions.

Is there any guide (or will be) on how to build activities compatible with .NET 5?

I read about the CoreWF which is porting the Workflow Foundation to .NET 5 and tried to do some experiment with but when I tried to install a package on Studio that has the UiPath.Workflow as dependency I get the error:

Package ‘xxxx’ cannot be installed because it depends on package ‘System.Activities’.
Studio provides its own version of the package ‘System.Activities’ and restricts its installation as a dependency.

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@alexandretperez we are working on providing a guide for this. It should be available soon.


@alexandretperez , if you need a reference to UiPath.Workflow, you have to use “PrivateAssets” for it.

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