Robot not creating txt file using write text file activity

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Need your advice on this one. I have a simple workflow to test Robot and Studio. It has a Read PDF with OCR and Abbyy OCR activities. Then, I added a write text file activity to convert the PDF. This WF runs just fine using Studio on Dev machine (write text file activity creating file). However, when robot tries to execute the WF, it runs but no new file is created (also on the dev machine).

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Just wanna check, i may be asking a silly question. Whats the file path you provided for write text activity? Is it a Full path or Relative?

Rammohan B.

To expand on what Rammohan91 is asking, are you making sure that the file extension is specified as well? When naming the file you’ll have to name it FileName.txt. If you don’t add the .txt the file should still be saved, but it won’t be recognized by your computer as a text file until you rename it.

If it is an absolute reference “C:\folder\savehere\Filename.txt” then it will be saved exactly where you mentioned. However, if you just give it a filename and not a path “Filename.txt” then it will be saved in your project folder that the workflow is running in.

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This is exactly what i wanted to convey based on @Iyce_Winsoft’s answer :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.

Hii Team,
i also facing same issue.


Please refer to @Dave post for fixing this issue.


Two things to check:

  • Make sure that you have published the Project and you have updated that Project in the Robot
  • Always use Absolute Pathnames for files instead of Relative Pathnames

If you take care of the above 2 points, it should work. I have reproduced the issue and tested the solution.