Convert USD to INR*

Hi folks…
I think this is a simple one, I have a excel sheet with the “n” numbers of data, particularly i need to convert the Price USD to INR how can i achieve this shall i need API access for this exchange rate or no need API.Is it possible to get without API access. Thanks in advance.


There can be two ways do get the current conversion rate(factor)
1)Use free API search in google
2)Use browser activity and google search “dollar to inr” from that page you can extract the interest rate shown in the webpage

Using the second method you wont need any API call or integration
Once you got the rate you can multiply the column values with this rate stored inside a decimal type variable and finally get the required INR

Hi Raj,

If you want go with api to get the exchange rate. Please refer the below link it is free api to get exchange rate. As you already aware of going with api is best comparing to ui automation. Thanks buddy for your likes on some of my post. Appreciate for your encouragement.


Hi @kl kl
I know that second option i used lots of time. i check and try that. Thanks for your reply


Hi @kirankumar mahanthi
I check it out with that Fixer API. You are most welcome kiran, Become a reader( post worm) :wink:i mostly like to read the posts of so many forum members @palaniappan @yoichi @rahulsharma @ppt @kirankumar mahanthi etc… You are all doing a great job for this community. I think this is not the right place to appreciate them. Apologize forum staff for this mention @login error


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