How to dropdown on webpage (currency convertor)

currencyconvertor.xaml (24.4 KB) CURRENCY.xlsx (7.8 KB) i am using Xe Currency Converter - Live Exchange Rates Today this website to convert INR TO DOLLER…need some help

Were you facing issue while choosing element in drop down
Cheers @Sanjeet_Kumar

i am taking the data from excel sheet and put into web page but if you go to this website Xe Currency Converter - Live Exchange Rates Today where FROM and TO …so i need help that palce which activity should i used to dropdown and choose INR To DOLLAR

Plz go through my workflow

It seems like in that website once after clicking the option for conversion we can TYPE directly the conversion we need
So in that case we can TYPE INTO activity itself and a SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as enter
So that it will get selected
Cheers @Sanjeet_Kumar

i tried but its not working for me can you make some changes in my .xaml file and post to me.@palaniyappan


Hi Sanjeet,

I have done it from scratch… Hope this is what you were looking for…

CurrencyConverter.xaml (17.1 KB)
CURRENCY.xlsx (9.3 KB)


thank u so much @ gulab

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can you explain how you edit in selectors@gulab