Currency Converter step 6 and 7

For the Currency Converter case step 6 and 7, the bots will fill in the first correct conversion for EUR to USD in the converter table, but then uses that conversion number for each row after. The bots will still google the exchange rates for each currency, but never chooses them. I have followed the instructions exactly and cannot get the correct results. Any help will be appreciated.

FYI, I am on Studio 2019.10.3


Im having the same problem too.


I had the same issue on Google - suspect it’s to do with the way the values are stored within Google (because even when I swapped the order to GBP in row 2, it was still returning the EUR rate of 1.08 to everything). I rebuilt it on Yahoo Finance and it worked fine.

I’m having the exact same problem. I noticed in the tutorial all the values ended up the same as well…
I tried adding in some delay hoping it was just moving too fast but the best I could get was 2 fields correct using google. I also tried Edge and Firefox but they repeated the same 1.09 EUR to USD rate for all cells.

I can’t imagine this is working as intended?