CTRL+F "Find" not working like normal?

What I’m describing here is not universal. I’m seeing it on Chrome and Edge intermittently - but can’t figure out why it’s happening sometimes and not others.

For years and years hitting CTRL+F to find text within the page I’m searching has been an absolute core part of how I find the key content in vast amounts of text.

For some reason today I’m finding that intermittently CTRL+F is not working as expected.

There is already a search box for searching the site. When I hit CTRL+F I expect the default behavior to be to search within the page. Instead I’m given a new search box - a different kind.

That box requires you to click a box if you want to search in the page. If you rely on muscle memory from decades of using traditional CTRL+F behavior you get search results that cover the ability to click the button to restrict search to the page you’re working on.

At first I was mad that someone would overwrite this basic behavior - but now I’m suspicious it may be a bug? It seems to be tied to this very useful page about string manipulation:

That web site has simply changed what CTRL+F does on their page.

And this doesn’t belong in feedback, it belongs in help.

Hi @Blake_Smith

Discourse sites do indeed overwrite the default CTRL+F behaviour, but double tapping CTRL+F brings up the browser default search menu.

As to the weird behaviour of the search menu on that particular topic, thanks for the tip - we will have a look.