Please refrain from replacing browser features by buggy Javascript and so


It’s really annoying when you try to use some browser functions while using the forum (it also happens in other sites) just to find out, after some head scratching, that they have been replaced by custom “features” involving Javascript or so. In this case, it’s been replaced by an annoying bug.

Take a look the screenshot. After getting to a topic of my interest via Google, then I usually use CTRL+F to open the “Find” dialog, to quick search for keywords in the topic. When I did this in Edge, I couldn’t see any dialog, which was turning me nuts, until I realized that it was “redirecting” me (or, more properly, placing the focus inside the text input), but this is not only not what I want, but also 1) the dialog is buggy and it’s not showing the contents (it will when you MANUALLY click on the text input when you want to perform this manually, explicitly), and 2) it forces you to select the search scope (“in this page” or in the whole forum), which I wouldn’t have to do if the default browser functionality (and proper one) hadn’t been overriden…

Please, remove those crappy, annoying “features”. Thanks.

Hi @pere

I believe this should be fixed for you now :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback!

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