Excel Ctrl+f does not provide the 'Cannot find the data you're searching for' message


I am trying to carry out a basic ctrl-f in excel looking for specific data. when the data is found it will return a ‘True’ Boolean, if the data is not found it will return a ‘False’ Boolean.
The problem I am seeing is that when searching for an item that is NOT in the excel, the ‘Cannot find the data you’re searching for’ message box is not returned, so the process assumes that it is always locating the requested item.
Table Filter activity is not appropriate as I understand it will only look for items that ‘equal’ the search criteria, not contains… several of the cells I am searching contain multiple items


do you think using below formula help your scenario instead of using Ctrl + F ?

use write cell activity in any of the cell and read cell value for output

this formula return more than 0 if the string found on the range else 0


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Great Idea Rajesh, this helps me solve my problem
Thanks for you assistance