Converting string to data table by comma as a column seperator

I am trying to convert the above shown string to data table using comma as a column seperator. But it is not working as expected.
2nd image is after generating DT, if you see the second column we still see commas as it is not splitting to columns as expected. Why this is happening and what can i do to overcome this? Please someone can help me.

have a look at the generate datatable activity

Hi @Harsha_Vemula ,

Could you let us know what activity was used to convert String to Datatable ?

If it was Generate Datatable Activity, Could you also show us the configuration done in the Activity ?

Here is the image which shows the properties set for Generate Data Table activity.

@Harsha_Vemula ,

Could you try by keeping the CSVParsing Property as True and check if it works ?

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PERFECT!! Thank you so much, it is working fine now after setting the CSV Parsing as True.
I was surprised how i missed that validation. Thanks Arpan :blush::+1:

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