CSV for each command being used with a flowchart and multiple sequences

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I have a CSV file with 10 rows of data. I have created a new flowchart and added a read csv inside. This is my start point. I have then created a sequence that will run a series of clicks and key presses in an application using for each row command. This is working fine for this sequence. I didn’t want to write all my work in 1 sequence and was wanting to use decision nodes based on get OCR text (Google) which is working fine but it keeps looping around with he same 1st line of my CSV. Ive only been using UiPath for a few weeks and flow of this data is the last thing thats holding me back from finishing off my robot.

I hope somebody can guide me in the right direction.

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Hi @Jaime_P
Could you please share your xaml file if possible?


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Hi, It says im a new user and can not upload files :frowning:

Ive attached the version below


Ive managed to fix the OCR problem. I’m now presented with the issue that the for each row in the “lookup Patient” sequence is looping each line in the CVS file before it moves to the next Sequence. I need it to work through all the sequences before it starts again on the next row of my CVS and not finish its loop in the “find patient” sequence only.

I hope this makes senseV4S1.xaml (57.4 KB)